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“Working with Swann has been a pleasure every time. She has the incredible ability to envision the look I have in mind and make it happen. The end result is always better than I had imagined. I always feel comfortable in Swan’s chair she is a real, down to earth professional artist. Most importantly she makes me feel incredibly beautiful and fashionable. Her work withstands hours of dancing and gets me nothing but compliments through the night. Not to mention, my photos turn out amazing. I highly recommend Swan for all the times you need to beautify for any occasion!” - Tara A.


"Three words to describe Swann: Natural. Passionate. Savvy. And these traits exemplify her business. Swann is so easy to relax with and trust. Before we even had our session, she was over and above helpful with ideas and thoughtful conversation that helped in the process of my contest day. My hair and makeup was simply stunning! She is remarkable in her talents and she's forever gifted me with a genuine bond that I know she has my best interest at heart. Swann is a gem! I think I'll keep her ;)" - Shannon K.


"When looking for a makeup artist for my first bodybuilding competition, I wanted to make sure that I could find someone who would put my mind at ease with their attention to detail. There was no better fit in my mind than Swann - an inspirational IFBB professional, a classy beauty and skilled artist. Swann personalizes each interaction with her clients by pre-planning for the stage: consulting with you on suit color, makeup inspirations, hair color and overall aesthetic. On show day, Swann kept me at ease as we exchanged stories and laughed for the duration of my time in her chair. After you've diligently worked for weeks to find tune with your physique, you want to make sure that you feel confident in the details of your presentation to match. I can genuinely say that Swann's work made a huge impact on me looking my best, feeling beautiful up on stage, and earning my first national qualification." - Sam R.


"As if competing in a bodybuilding competition wasn't stressful enough; attending to find a make-up artist in a state in which you don't reside is even worse... then I found Swann Beauty. From our initial communication, to show day and all our messages in between, Swann maintained the utmost professionalism at all times. Her attention to details is unmatched. If you have ever seen Swann on stage, you know she always presents a complete package and that's exactly what she helps her clients do! She was the icing on the cake for my show. Thank you Swann for far-exceeding my expectations and allowing me to relax while getting beautified on show day! Your passion for both makeup/hair and fitness shines through in your work. I can't wait to work with you again." - Lexi L. (Honolulu Hawaii)


"I have always admired and followed Swann's professional athlete journey and thought; Wow this girl is just perfect! She has all the physical qualities that I love in a female athlete, from her makeup, outfits, conversations... just overall the way she carries herself with such class. Swann is truly one of the best role models in the IFBB Pro League. When I learned she was launching her Makeup & Hair company, I just had to schedule a session! I am so glad I did! Swann did my makeup and hair for a fitness photoshoot. My experience was absolutely nothing short of amazing! Swann applied makeup to match my face perfectly to my polished tan body, the application of the makeup was so well done, there was no need to touch up during a 5h shoot. Moreover, after the shoot I went out for a family diner and my makeup was still in tact. I received so many compliments on my hair and makeup. I felt like I was a princess fairytale. I highly recommend Swann for your next beautifying experience, you will feel like the most beautiful human on earth." - Carmen A.


"Swann is hands down the best makeup artist I've had. She matches your skin tone so well that it makes you look flawless. The way she does a more natural look helps let your own beauty shrine through. She has the sweetest personality and truly wants you to have an awesome experience for your show or photoshoot. Heck, I was in Las Vegas for a photoshoot over the Olympia and never felt less important than any of her Olympia competitors. Thank you Swann! If you're doing makeup in a city I have a show in or a photoshoot in, then I plan on utilizing your services as often as I can! Thank you for working with me on your busy Olympia weekend!" - Karlen C.


"You are beautiful, and when you wear makeup it should enhance your beauty not transform you into someone that your not! That is always my biggest fear when I get my makeup done by someone. I think will I look like a clown? Will I look too fake? Well when you get your make done by Swann you don’t have to worry about any of that! Swann is all about the beauty within and she knows how to highlight your beauty to make you feel absolutely spectacular for any occasion. Swann takes her time she listens to what you want and always has a positive attitude making the entire experience light, happy, and positive. She uses the best brands and tools and always has the tips and tricks to fix any problem areas you might have. When she is finished and you look in the mirror you will see the person you have always dreamed of being! When Swann does my makeup I feel like a movie star! I constantly get compliments and feel confident walking into any room or posing for any picture. If Swann does your makeup and hair for an event or a photo shoot all you will have to worry about is what to wear and I am sure she will even have some awesome suggestions for that too! I highly recommend calling Swann for your next makeup and hair appointment you will not be disappointed!!" - Janessa M.


"I had the pleasure of having Swann get me glammed up for a photo shoot.  There was a specific look in mind and Swann made that look happen. Working with Swann was an amazing experience.  She was prompt, efficient with time, and made me feel really comfortable.  Her hair and makeup skills were impressive and I was thrilled with the outcome.  She was kind and thoughtful enough to even include a care package to go.  I will definitely work with Swann in the future and I would highly recommend her for any hair and makeup service you need!" - Kira N.


"I had the pleasure of working with Swann for my baby shower. It was such a special day and I really wanted to look my best - thanks to Swann I did. I was beyond thrilled with my hair and makeup and I received so many complements from my family and friends. No matter what the occasion I would highly recommend Swann's services. She is not only kind and friendly, but extremely talented as well. I cannot thank her enough for making me feel and look my best that day!" - Pamela P.


"I've looked up to you as a figure competitor ever since I was introduced to the sport of bodybuilding. When I finally mustered up the confidence to overcome my social anxiety and step on stage for the first time, your pictures from various competitions were ones that I looked at as motivation. Everything for my first time on stage had to be perfect. I was referred to you by my coach and his wife, who raved about your work. I had no doubt that you would do an amazing job, but you glammed me into that person that felt like she belonged on stage. You do phenomenal work and I would love to work with you again." - Luisa D.


"Working with Swann was amazing, she knew exactly what look I was after for hair and makeup for my photoshoot. Her impressive talent and attention to detail had me looking incredibly flawless! I would highly recommend her for any photoshoots, competitions, weddings or any day you want to feel extra glamed up. I look forward to working with her again in the future." - Stefanie F.


"Swann did my makeup for my first National competition in Miami and it looked so fierce on stage! I was so excited how great my makeup turned out, especially the details to my eyes! Swann was very attentive, professional, timely and so sweet! I will certainly be using her again for my next competition! I highly recommend using Swann if you want professional glam done right!" - Trish A.


"I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect makeup artist for my 1st bikini competition.  Since this day was very important for me, I wanted someone with style and creativity. My coach recommended me Sawnn and after looking at all her previous work, I knew for sure, she was the one! Swann was just amazing! My makeup looked phenomenal the entire day.  She is extremely professional, and I can't thank her enough for all the work and passion she put into making me look so beautiful on this day".  – Maria A.


"Swann, just wanted to reach out to you to let you know how happy I was that you did my make-up and hair for Nationals. You did such a wonderful job and were a total professional! I loved that you first under your initiative, looked to see who I was and recommended the hair style perfect for me for my next show.  That was pretty cool! Then when I arrived to do my make-up, you were ready for me.  You asked what I was looking for and requested to see a picture of my suit to make sure the make-up matched.  You then showed me the colors you were aiming for which I agreed were perfect for my suit.  While doing my make-up, you were not in a rush and took your time to make sure I was flawless.  I felt like a beautiful princess that day! Have to say, one of the best make-up looks I’ve had to date! Hubby loved it too and couldn’t agree more.  Swann, not only are you an awesome MUA but you were a great person to meet and to work with.  So happy we met and I look forward to working together in the future for shows or photoshoots! Thanks again for everything!" - Yesica M.


"I had decided to book hair/makeup for Nationals with Swann Beauty because Swann is my figure idol. I’ve always looked up to her & was excited to have the opportunity to meet her & have her do my hair/makeup. I had been impressed with her work from what I saw on instagram. From the moment I contacted Swann to book my appointment, she was professional & attentive to details. She was friendly & prompt with all communication. When the day came, I was nervous about my appointment time & having everything finished before the athlete’s check in meeting. Swann was so patient with me- answering all my questions, responding to all my anxious texts. She went out of her way to move my appointment time to give me some peace of mind so I didn’t feel rushed in the morning. On top of being an amazing person, Swann is beyond talented when it comes to applying makeup! I was blown away by what a stunning job she did. It was so perfect and honestly better than I had ever imagined! My hair stayed perfect through prejudging and my makeup looked so good I didn’t even need a touch up (even though she had scheduled me one). I would absolutely book with Swann again! It was such a great experience and I was so happy with the outcome." - Stephanie C.


"I chose Swann to do my make up for my last NPC competition because I was impressed by the pictures I had seen on her social media. I was beyond pleased with my make up and the way she handled everything from booking the appointment to the day of the show. Swann is not just very sweet and extremely professional but she is tremendously talented. I absolutely loved my make up and it lasted the whole day and night show (note that I had my make up done at 5am). I look forward to working with her again on my next competition and/or photoshoot." - Natalia LP.


"Well, where do I start? Swann, I could say danced into my life a year ago. She walks into a room and her positive energy is like a ray of sunshine and that is how beautiful she makes you look and feel. I can say the three times, I sat on her glam chair was when I was the most relaxed. Nothing like awesome conversation while getting glammed up. So whether it is glam for a competition, photo shoot, wedding or even a date night BEST believe you will be 100% satisfied!!! Love you my frenchie XO. Can’t wait to sit on that glam chair again!!!" - Annette O.


"I chose Swann to do my hair and makeup for my most recent photo shoot. Not only was she on time and very professional, but her makeup techniques and application are flawless. She also did an amazing job on my hair. She gave me the “look” I wanted for my shoot and I couldn’t be any happier. She is always on point with her stage glam as well. A true artist and professional in the industry!" - Anita L.


"I could not be more grateful to Swann for her artistry during a recent photo shoot and National Figure Competition; she is a master in her craft! She made me feel absolutely beautiful for a photo shoot, where we went with a more natural, but still glamorous, look. Two days later at my competition, she gave me a different, and stunning, look for the stage! (And she even gave me a dramatic lip for the night show to give me a new, and more sultry look, which I LOVED! She even sent me the color she used so I could buy it!) I trusted her completely to make me look by best, and she far-exceeded my expectations! She is a pleasure to work with, and her skills are incomparable, in my opinion. For all my future shows and photo shoots, if she's available, I will only go to Swann for my makeup and hair! THANK YOU Swann!! You're the best!" - Holly C.


"I had the pleasure of working with Swann and her team twice this year for both makeup and hair and had a wonderful experience each time. As a prior top competitor, Swann understands how nerve-racking show day can be and was able to help calm my nerves and make me feel super comfortable. I left her chair feeling confident, beautiful and ready to slay! She is one of the sweetest, most graceful person I've met in the fitness industry and can't wait to work with her again. Thank you Swann and team for everything :)" - Kassie M.


"This October I competed in my first NPC bodybuilding show as a bikini competitor. Many woman compete in these shows, we are judged as a total package, body, hair, makeup, tan, personality, you name it. And rightfully so. But going into this show I knew I would step on that stage bringing the best version of myself. I trained hard for 15 weeks with an incredible coach and stuck to the diet - my physique wasn’t a worry, what was my main concern? Figuring out what to do with my hair and makeup.  Being someone who is not too savvy with a makeup brush or a curling iron made me nervous for show day. So my best friend Nicole and fellow bikini competitor told me about Swann De La Rosa. She gave me her information and from the moment I checked out her site, I knew I would be in good hands. Come show day, Swann effortlessly put together an amazing look of hair and make up for me that gave me the confidence I needed to step on that stage, completing my package. I knew I looked my absolute best and she topped it off with her beauty expertise. I will forever be greatful to her, allowing me to feel beautiful and confident walking on that stage and fulfilling a dream. I will forever be her client in all my future shows. Her art of hair and makeup speaks for itself. Trust me you won’t be disappointed with Swann Beauty. Using her as my artist was one of the best decisions I’ve made, and you should make that decision too. Check out her work and making the decision will be an easy one! Thank you so much Swann. You’re incredible." - Ariel S.


"Working with Swann as a makeup artist for my bikini competitions this season was the best and easiest decision I made around show day! I worked with Swann for two shows & would have done more if the locations had worked out. First thing in the morning, her positive warm energy was infectious. All morning she gave me great advice and we swapped stories making the whole ordeal so relaxed and fun. She was a pleasure to work with, very down to earth, and listened to exactly the look I wanted. I was stunned by the end result - I had never had bold, show makeup before and she absolutely exceeded my expections. It’s an art to balance makeup that doesn’t wash you out under stage lights, matches your dark stage tan, and still looks natural in essence... and she did just that. I felt amazing in my big day, and got innumerable compliments all day long. I would absolutely recommend Swann to anyone - thank you for your incredibly skill and warm, friendly personality. And PS she must attract great people because I met a great friend through her who also had her makeup done by Swann after me. We hung out all day & ate peanut butter truffles together after the show. Thanks for bringing us together, Swann!" - Brianna M.


"I have been a fan of Swann’s work long before she created Swann Beauty. I have followed and always admired her drive, work ethic and beauty, but above all her class. When I booked my first photoshoot, me not being a makeup person, got a little nervous... if the makeup is too heavy I wouldn’t feel like myself or confident! It took me one quick look through her page to decide that she was the perfect choice. Her style is delicate and tough at the same time. She made me feel naturally gorgeous. I can not thank her enough and look forward to working together again. She will definitely be my choice whenever possible. She is amazing in every sense of the word." - Rogli N.


"I had the pleasure of working with Swann for my NPC bikini competition in November. I've always admired her as a professional competitor in the sport, and was thrilled when I found out she would be sharing her other passion with us! She is an amazing artist and completely transformed my look for the stage. I've truly never felt more beautiful and confident, and had such an incredible experience. She pours so much of herself into her work to ensure that each of her clients look their best on show day. I received so many compliments on my hair and makeup and have recommended her services to others. I really can't thank you enough Swann - you're the best and I cannot wait to work with you again this upcoming season!" - Nicole N. 

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